Canal Ministries Boats at the Newbury Mission 2017
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News from the Crews:

Find out about what the Canal Ministries team have been up to in "News from the Crews". Please click on the images below to read the latest report from each of our team members. To learn more about the individual members, please look in the "Meet the Crews" section.

Canal Ministries Boaters and Trustees


Sandra & Elaine.

Tamworth Team

Sandra & Elaine
Graham Meadows, nb Dawn Run.

nb Dawn Run

Graham Meadows
David & Carole Brennand, nb Days of Elijah.

nb Days of Elijah

David & Carole Brennand
James & Hazel Bell, nb Gabriel.

nb Gabriel

James & Hazel Bell
Peter & Lin Atwill, nb Gospel Belle.

nb Gospel Belle

Peter & Lin Atwill
John & Barbara Froggatt, nb Ichthus.

nb Ichthus

John & Barbara Froggatt
Chris & Sally Buck, nb Kairos.

Chris & Sally Buck

nb Kairos
Rob & Trish Munday, nb Ocho.

nb Ocho

Rob & Trish Munday
Tim & Tracey Clarke, nb Sola Gratia.

nb Sola Gratia

Tim & Tracey Clarke
Andy & Sue Smith, nb Spring Water.

nb Spring Water

Andy & Sue Smith
Henry & Lin Kingsnorth, nb Trinity.

nb Trinity

Henry & Lin Kingsnorth